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David Cox Curriculum Vitae 2010



David Albert Cox, MA

PO Box 28
3288 21St
San Francisco 94110
Phone: (415) 5506822
Cellphone: (415) 4015227


Birth date 8 May 1963

Citizenship: Australian and United Kingdom (European Union) also U.S. Permanent Resident


Ph. d candidate, University of Queensland, Australia (part time) Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies

Masters Degree - Animation & Interactive Multimedia (RMIT University, Melbourne (2003)

Graduate Diploma (Honors), in Applied Film and TV, Swinburne University of Technology School of Film and Television, Vic, (1990)

Bachelor of Education, (Victoria College, Rusden, Victoria, 1984)


• Motion Picture writing and directing

• Sound Editing, Collage/Montage

• Video Editing – preferred tools – AVID, Final Cut Pro

• Public Speaking and consultation especially on topics related to technology, motion pictures, videogames, popular culture, media, public space, architecture and urban planning.

• Production management, project oversight

• Writing (was a newspaper columnist, book author)

• Software – all adobe, macromedia, media software, 3D Studio Max, Compositing tools – e.g. After Effects, Combustion, HTML,


Teaching online at DeVry University Online, subjects taught since October 2008:

• Visual and Audio Design Fundamentals (for videogames)

• Business of Graphics,

• Multimedia Standards,

Also acting as course architect for all videogame related courses at DeVry Online. Employed as subject matter expert for online course on Advanced Illustration with Lab during summer 2009.

Teaching part time as an instructor in Game 100: Exploring Game Worlds and Storyboarding and Storytelling at City College of San Francisco within the Graphics Communications Department.

Programs taught:
Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, HTML, Dreamweaver CS3, Flash CS3, Final Cut Pro. In storyboarding, programs include Frame Forge 3D and Toonboom storyboard.

Writing for OTAKU USA magazine, article on Games Developers Conference, New Innovation and Trends in Videogames and Social Media.


Taught same classes at CCSF as 2010, plus Computer Skills for Multimedia

Taught a series of workshops at Artists Television Access Gallery, San Francisco on Puppet Animation, Geotagging and Locative Media, Soundtrack production, and Web Studies.

Produced 3D 'anaglyph' commercial for 1977 Mopeds store, San Francisco. Anaglyph video work can be viewed here:


Taught GSP260 Visual and Audio Design Fundamentals with Lab for Videogames at DeVry University Online between October and December

Wrote curriculum and course description for course at City College called “Exploring Game Worlds” - an introduction to videogames, and the games industry. Course forms part of videogames certificate program to launch in the fall of

Taught part time as an instructor in "Computer Skills for Multimedia" and "Storyboarding and Storytelling" at City College of San Francisco within the Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

Taught at the Cartoon Art Museum students from Hunters Point Family animation and video editing skills toward the completion of two Public Service Announcements, one for Hunters Point Family and the other for Peacekeepers. Skills taught – Flash, Final Cut Pro, Frame Thief, Photobooth, Audacity, iMovie.

Phd Candidate at University of Queensland, Australia, thesis examines the area of "Culture Jamming".

Edited series of trailers for using Final Cut Pro.


Worked part time at City College of San Francisco, teaching computer skills for multimedia within the Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

Taught part-time " Videogames: A Hands-on History" at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, part of the San Francisco State University Extension Program.


Employed full time as Assistant Professor at Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale, CA, Head of the Digital Motion Picture program. Subjects taught: Video Editing, Script Writing, Motion Picture Directing, Production, Pre-Production, Technical Writing.

2004 - 2005

Worked full time at QANTM college, Brisbane Australia, teaching animation and videogame design related courses


Employed as full-time lecturer level B at Griffith Film School, Brisbane Australia, teaching digital screen production subjects to undergraduate students - Digital Video Production, Introduction to Digital Media, Writing for the Web, Culture and Society, Animation


Recieved Masters Degree from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia Centre for Animation and Interactive Multimedia. . Researched examined Electronically Mediated Urban Space (Cities, Signage, Mapping etc)


Completed original short film OTHERZONE which I wrote and directed. Film made with grant money from Film Victoria and the Australian Film Commission. Budget totalled AUD$240,000.

Invited as Visiting Scholar at the MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA. Worked with the Sociable Media Group under Judith Donath for eight weeks on 3D virtual signage for augmented reality applications using wearable computers on invitation of Architecture and Urban Planning Dean Prof. William J Mitchell.


Taught "Textuality & Discourse: From Book to Film" at Swinburne University", Melbourne, Australia alongside Dr Darren Tofts.


Videogame Producer at Beam Software International. Titles produced "Blades of Vengeance" for Sega Genesis "WCW Superbrawl" for Super Nintendo and "Road Rash" conversion.


Attended Oberhausen Film Festival with my film Puppenhead.


Made Puppenhead as Graduate Film at Swinburne Film & Television School where I obtained my Graduate Diploma in Applied Film & TV (Honours). Puppenhead won several awards in Australia (ATOM award, Most Daring & Outrageous at Swinburne) and travelled to 14 international film festivals including New York (where it opened the event), London, Annecy, Turin, Hong Kong, Seattle, Olympia.


Obtained Bachelor of Education Degree at Rusden College, Melbourne Australia


Completed High School Higher Certificate at Cheltenham High School, Melbourne, Australia.


Born Kingswinford, England UK. Lived in San Diego CA, for one year in 1969 & 1970 with parents
when a child (parents recipients of a Fullbright award)

Lived in Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia between 1973 to 1999.

David Albert Cox, MA

PO Box 28
3288 21St
San Francisco 94110
Phone (415) 5506822
Cell (415) 4015227